Project Samples

Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Access® are powerful tools that I have used to create reports and applications like the below.


Custom Price Estimator built off client's initial concept to allow consistent price estimating across multiple manufacturing plants. With heavy VBA, the app had import of standardized data, user access control, pre-built exports.
Custom Checklist creator to build checklists based on limited user input. Heavy VBA with checklist item and supplier data management.
Red/Yellow/Green scorecard reporting for workload management at Target retail stores.
Diagnostic Summary combined data from multiple sources into one comprehensive scorecard.
Updated existing client's scorecard with formulas, conditional formatting and data entry screens leveraging VBA.
Remodel Planning Calendar generated from master data and provided to field leadership for visibility to long term, high-level remodel functions.


Application to manage retail store remodeling schedules. Leveraging heavy VBA, the app built workload forecasts and schedule calendars, allowed input of schedules and subsequent editing & copying and exported data to an internal production system.
App pulled data from Excel sheets managed by an internal team, manipulated it and then created exports, including images, to send to an external third-party. Heavy VBA.